Jennie is always keen to understand areas to focus on for optimal results and coaching with the child. My daughter loved going to her. She started as very unconfident and reticent with anything Maths related but now really engages and loves the subject. Jennie is just the teacher you wish you had at school. Encouraging, caring, fun and applies different learning skills to her teaching. Kids love her! (She even beat boxes!) We would have stayed with Jennie and are only not doing as we are moving away.
- E. Clayton

The time that my twins have spent with Jennie has given them the confidence and boost they’ve needed. She has made them feel that they can have a go at anything and through talking to myself and more importantly the children, has really tailored the sessions around specific areas they needed. We have definitely appreciated all the planning and time that Jennie has given and would consider using her again. Thank you so much! 

- C.  Larocque

I would not hesitate to recommend Jennie. She really took the time to listen and ask questions about my son. She understood my concerns and knew how we could work together to assist him. I really liked that each session covered a variety of topics, with a different strategy on how best to tackle the subject matter. This not only avoided my son getting bored but also taught him that there are different approaches to learning.  Jennie's overall approach has been amazing, always putting thought, effort and planning into everything she does. She has gone above and beyond to accommodate my son's needs in order to get the best out of him, always in a stimulating and fun learning environment. 

-L. Stevenson

The care that was taken to find out more about my child her specific needs was excellent. She really enjoyed her sessions, found them fun, enjoyable and was keen to go back each week. Thank you for helping her, she found the teaching really helpful and was genuinely disappointed when she realised it was the last session.

- J. Dale

The Curiosity Club was great fun. I loved that it was such a different type of activity to do in the holidays - a contrast to everything else that is available for children. 

- V. Belfield

My initial meeting with Jennie was great. I came away very confident that my daughter would enjoy her sessions. The content, flow, session variety, different approaches and  tools all were BRILLIANT. We would love to come back for some holiday sessions and would definitely reach out to Jennie if we needed any help or advice. We genuinely couldn't have been happier and I would recommend Jennie without hesitation.

- K. Smith

My daughter Elicia has been having Maths lessons with Jennie as she didn't have a lot of confidence.  Since having these lessons she has so much more confidence, has found the lessons really interesting and loves the way Jennie approaches everything.  Jennie has made Maths into a fun way for Elicia to learn and she has felt so comfortable working with her. Thank you Jennie. 

- A. Hoggatt