Educators and Schools

My aim is to deliver high quality learning experiences by providing bespoke services which are designed with you to meet the specific needs of your school. Most learning support or enrichment available to schools comes in the form of a set package, boasting little flexibility or personalisation. I can offer the exact support or enrichment you need in a package that is completely tailored for you.  

The Curiosity Club for Schools

Rocket, Mastery and Greater Depth sessions. These sessions are a great way of effectively utilising pupil premium and providing support and enrichment for identified groups of learners within your school setting.

  • Rocket Sessions for learners who require targeted teaching and are working towards closing a gap.
  • Mastery Sessions for learners who require consolidation of learning.
  • Greater Depth Sessions for learners who need an extra challenge.

Homework Blast

 A group session that supports learners in completing homework. Great for those who may benefit from having some dedicated time to tackle homework tasks or for those who just want to go the extra mile.