When asking “How was your day?” doesn’t get the response you want

One of the biggest gripes that parents share with me is that they often feel like they have no idea what their child does all day at school and when they ask them the usual sorts of questions like “How was your day?” or “What did you do?” they get the same, somewhat predictable responses – “It was O.K.!” followed by “I didn’t do much!” They did – I promise that they absolutely did. 

 They will have been encompassed in a hive of learning activity which is why by the time they skip out of the school building to head home, they’re most likely hungry, tired and frankly don’t have the brain power or wish to talk about it in great depth or detail. However, I know that this is no less frustrating for parents who want to be part of their child’s educational journey. So how can you find out about what they’ve been doing without eliciting the same brick wall responses?

I've done the research for you and here are 10 alternative questions that can’t fail to give you an insight into your child’s day. So, arm yourself with a snack to give them and fire away…

1. Did anything make you laugh or smile today?

2. What were you most proud of today?

3. Who did you work with today?

4. If you got to be the teacher tomorrow, what would you do?

5. What was the most exciting or boring part of your day?

6. How would your teacher describe you if I telephoned them tonight?

7. What games did you play at break-time?

8. What new fact(s) did you learn?

9. What challenged you today?

10. If you could repeat the day again tomorrow, what would you keep the same and what would you change?

…. good luck!

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By Jennie Adams on 3rd November 2017

Also published in Lindfield Life Magazine.  You can download the free magazine and read the article here.

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