My 6 simple back to school survival tips!

The festive season provides the perfect excuse to hunker down, relax and spend time doing the things we love with friends and family. But, it will soon be drawing to a close and before we know it we’ll have welcomed in the New Year and be full steam ahead.

Initially, many of us welcome a return to the normality of our daily routines; however, the novelty of going back to work and school after the holidays can be short lived.

So, to help avoid New Year blues, here are 6 simple teacher tips to help you and your children survive the start to the term whilst remaining happy and harmonious.

1. Get Organised: With your child, create a list of what they need to take to school on each day of the week such as homework, equipment, PE kit and pin it up. You can then ask your child to gather what they need the night before to avoid that mad morning rush.

2. Diarise: Check out the school's website and add important dates and events to your calendar (and your child’s if they have one) so that you don't miss any important school events. Encouraging your child to record things on their own calendar is also a brilliant way of reinforcing time concepts and organisational skills.

3. Avoid Lost Property Doom: Are all of the labels that you've lovingly inserted into all of those items of clothing still present and correct? You can buy some great stick in labels and labelling pens that are fantastic for helping you to avoid sewing for hours or even worse, delving into the depths of the lost property box!

4. Ease Up on Extra-Curricular Activities: Taking part in extra-curricular activities is a fantastic way of enhancing children’s learning and life skills. But it’s easy to feel pressured into or tempted to make sure our children are on the go ALL the time. It’s OK to slow down and limit extra-curricular activities if you need to. Doing too much and being constantly busy can lead to burn out, even for young children.

5. Relax: Once the term is underway, schedule in some much-needed downtime to avoid becoming overtired. Research shows that children who are well rested both mentally and physically do better and have a more positive attitude towards learning. After all who doesn't love a movie night or a Saturday duvet day?!

6. Treat: Getting back into the swing of things after a lovely long holiday can be tough so plan in a "halfway there" treat to motivate yourselves and give you something to look forward to.

By Jennie Adams on 4th January 2018
Also published in Lindfield Life Magazine. You can download the free magazine and read the article here.

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