60 seconds with….Jen Lovelock

Jen Lovelock - Primary school leader, teacher, special needs co-ordinator and more recently, trainee teacher of the deaf!

How long have you been working in education and what’s your current role?

I qualified as a teacher in 2003 which means I've been teaching for 14 years!  In April 2017, I became a trainee Teacher of the Deaf.  My previous role was as a SENCo in a mainstream primary school. 

How is your role different to that of a mainstream teacher? 

For two days a week, I am a peripatetic Teacher of the Deaf. At the moment, I am a trainee. Therefore, I will need to qualify as a Teacher of the Deaf and will be going back to university in September, which is a pretty scary thought! In this role, I will provide support to hearing impaired children, their families and to other professionals who are involved with a child’s education. For the remaining three days a week, I currently work as a teacher in a mainstream school with a unit for children with hearing impairment.  

What do you like most about being a teacher? 

Teaching children with hearing impairments offers the opportunity to work with children in a range of ages and in a number of different settings. It’s challenging and stimulating work that invites initiative and gives the chance to develop innovative patterns of practice.

What is your ethos and vision for education?

In the current climate of education, it is easy to lose sight of what’s important. I believe it’s important to have an approach that puts the needs of each individual at the centre of all decisions.

If you could choose to change one thing about education, what would it be?

Teaching is such a wonderful career for so many reasons but so many teachers are leaving the profession as a result of the unreasonable workload and the apparent ignorance of what teachers are actually trying to achieve. In my opinion, the Government refuses to do the one thing that would help solve the problem; listen to teachers and acknowledge what they are saying!

What's your favourite subject to teach?

I really love teaching phonics……teaching children the building blocks for reading and spelling in a fun and engaging way with games, songs and actions.

What was the best lesson you've ever taught?  

I've loved going on dinosaur hunts, discovering enchanted forests with giant toadstools and pixies, growing magic beans, meeting Bob (The Man on the Moon), becoming police officers and following evidence to find robbers Hefty Hugh and Lanky Len and building a raft for a very Greedy Bee!

What is your most used phrase in the classroom?  

I haven’t been a classroom teacher for a while but I am sure my colleagues overheard a few key phrases during my time as a class teacher! I used to sing 'Are you listening?' to my class to get their attention. They would sing 'Yes we are' back in response (although, some cheeky ones would say 'No we're not!!')

And finally.......just for fun…….

Night owl or early bird? 

I enjoy a lie in!

Backpacking or five-star hotel? 


Dine in or dine out? 

Dine out

Gym addict or couch potato? 

A little bit of both! I will never achieve the status of 'gym addict' though!

By Jennie Adams on 6th July 2017

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