13 Homework hacks that parents need to know

Back to school for many means back to tackling homework. Whether you’re in favour or not, it certainly adds to our packed routines.  Do you hate the havoc that homework brings or battle to get it done harmoniously?   Here are 13 homework hacks that I recommend to help get it done with minimum fuss.


No matter if you’re a lover or a hater of homework, a little positivity can go a long way. Approach it with the right frame of mind and it will be done in no time.

Collaboration and Timing

Know when it's set and when due so that you can agree a completion schedule together.  Stick to what you’ve agreed so that you avoid the night before blues. Choose your method - crack it in one go or break it down into bite sized chunks. This is a great way of teaching time management skills.

Opportunity and Fun

Look on the bright side and view it as an opportunity to spend some extra quality time together. And, why not make it as fun as you can with your favourite food and drinks.

If At First…

….you don't succeed, try again! We all need encouragement to persevere with things we find difficult or don’t enjoy. By persevering we build up resilience and learn from our mistakes. Sometimes we just need time to think or try a different approach.

Learning Space

Create a space that’s conducive for concentrating and working. This may be a busy spot that gets the creative juices flowing or a calm space away from distraction. Also, make sure that everything you need is on hand to avoid unnecessary delays.

Don't Do It For Them…..

……no one wins that way. But do suggest alternatives or resources that may help.  A nudge in the right direction often leads to a eureka moment.

Ask For Clarification

It seems simple but ask for more information from the teacher if required.

A Problem Shared

Two (or more) heads are often better than one. Take it in turns to host a “homework smash” session amongst friends to tackle the homework together.

Take A Breather

Schedule in regular breaks to avoid overload. Research suggests working in smaller chunks of time makes us more effective.


Many of us perform better when we get positive feedback and no matter how much we’re struggling, there is always something to get a pat on the back for.

Know When To Stop

Tiredness can lead to mistakes that we wouldn’t usually make and adds to frustrations. If you can’t see the wood for the trees, stop and come back to it another time.  If it’s not completed on time that’s another lesson..

Call For Back Up

Ask friends and family for help, use the library, internet or other sources to support and provide information.


When it’s done, don’t forget to celebrate with a treat, countryside walk, trip to the park or some down time. However you celebrate, it’s a great way of teaching that hard work brings rewards.

By Jennie Adams on 9th September 2017

Also published in Lindfield Life Magazine.  You can read the article on their site here.

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